Research & Development.

Research and develop AM/3DP technologies along all the value chain

Concentrate the most relevant AM companies to create and share a R&D environment for innovating and scaling up AM technologies

Face industry challenges

  • Design for manufacturing and exploiting the benefits of AM Materials
  • Formulation & Development
  • Materials Characterization and Validation
  • Recovery
  • New consolidation processes
  • Process Monitoring & Control
  • Process Parameters Development & Optimization
  • Development of automated cost-effective finishing solutions
  • Development of standards for 3D printed parts and AM processes

  • R&D Ecosystem lead by LLAVOR 3D, RIS3Cat Community of Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing
  • Vanguard Initiative 3DPrinting Pilot Line
  • H2020 R+D program.
  • Industrial R+D Projects
  • Member’s R+D projects